V3 Update 04 Sep.03.2022

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V3 Update 04 Sep.03.2022

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Update04 - Download from Run 8 Studios
  • Issue 2844: Message-Alert sound has been reinstated (see below)
  • Issue 3019: Gyra-Lites have been fixed to display properly on MU'd units
  • Issue 3203: Fixed rain-wiping problem on SJVR GP40-2
  • Issue 3204: Locomotive MU problems fixed for real this time (see below)
  • Issue 3206: Fixed mouse centering to wrong location in multi-monitor modes (see below)
  • Issue 3209: Fixed an IPv6 network issue (see below)
  • Issue 3211: Fixed keyboard input on UserNotes window errantly operating loco\camera controls
  • Issue 3213: Fixed problem with TrainLink EOT radio not talking to built-in locomotive EOTs
  • Issue 3216: Increased speed threshold for triggering a "Shame On You" with red signals (now 16mph)
  • Issue 3218: Fixed bell audio location on SP tunnel-motor (SD40T-2)
  • Issue 3220: Fixed crash when trying to enable a non-existent monitor
  • Issue 3222: Fixed Dash-9 Combined Lever when going in and out of Power\Dyn-Brake modes
  • Issue 3252: Fixed number-centering problem with Amtrak P42s
  • Issue 3269: Fixed number-centering on SJVR GP40-2
  • Issue 3274: Fixed Load-Save Menu not overwriting the description properly
  • Issue 3295: Fixed Ctrl-A (select all) in Train-Tagger Menu (see below)
  • Issue 3296: Fixed Dash-9s not being able to lead an AI-spawned train if GEVOs or ACEs were involved
  • IPv6 Network Addressing:
    • A possible problem was found and corrected when reviewing the network code for handling IPv6
      addresses. It's unknown if this was causing some guys' problems with staying connected, however, in
      testing, the programmer was able to connect and remain connected with IPv6
  • Message Alert Sounds:
    • There were a few requests to reinstate this. Text messages (whether from the network or from the sim
      itself) now play an alert or error sound depending on the nature of the message. Some general
      information messages from the sim still remain silent
    • You can enable\disable message alert sounds in the Audio Menu
  • Locomotive MU Fixes:
    • MU connection status is now properly retained across the network
    • Locomotives, if their MU is disconnected from the head-end, now bleed off their Independent Brakes due
      to the A&R Hose having been disconnected
  • Multi-Montitor Notes for Best Results:
    • Make sure each monitor is set to the same resolution
    • Ideally, each monitor should be set to 100% scaling (Windows Display Settings)
    • If a mixture of resolution or scaling values are used, you may get undesired rendering results
    • Don't use True-Fullscreen mode with multi-monitors enabled, you'll get strange rendering results
    • In Windows Display Settings, make sure your multi-monitors are set evenly (not one dragged up higher
      than the other), otherwise you'll notice the sim not rendering properly on one or more screens
    • It is now impossible to enable a non-existent monitor; when attempting to enable monitors, the sim will
      check if the selection is valid
  • Cajon Sub:
    • Fixed blocking problems at CP Lugo
    • Fixed mismatched signal tag causing Otto to misroute trains meant for Silverwood
  • Enhanced Anglecocking and Handbraking:
    • When using the Coupler Options menu, if you hold the [Left-Shift] key whilst clicking on the desired
      Anglecock button, you can set both anglecocks at the same time instead of having to click on each
      individual coupler
    • Same for the Hand Brakes
  • Enhanced Switch-Lever Selection:
    • There are occasional hand-throw switch levers that are difficult to select when on a network due to the
      rule forcing users to be on the ground. You are now able to select and throw switches under these two
      new conditions:
      • If you are riding on an external attach-point of a locomotive\car, you can look over and select the
        switch when within about 10 yards\meters
      • If you are standing on the ground, you can zoom-in the camera and your selection distance is
        increased to about 90 yards\meters. You'll need to zoom the camera almost to full-zoom
  • F7 Airbrake Cheat Menu Options are now more customizable:
    • Air: This recharges the brakepipes and reservoirs in each car to a release state
    • Airhoses: This connects all the airhoses at each coupling
    • Anglecocks: This sets the anglecocks for normal operation (open at couplings, closed elsewhere)
      • If Air is enabled, this will anglecock every unit in the train for normal operation
      • Otherwise, anglecocks will only be set if they are car-car so that you can use the anglecock cheat
        without accidentally dumping your air. You will need to set loco-car anglecocks manually
    • Note: Using "Auto-AB" in the Loco-Options menu forces air, airhoses, and anglecocks on all units no
      matter what
    • Note: Long trains on cold days (just like real-life) may take more than one try when using the Airbrake
      Cheat due to adverse flow conditions and hose leakage. If you see the brakes start setting up, you have a
      few options:
      • Be a real engineer and wait it out; once the brakepipe recharges enough, the brakes should release
      • Try the airbrake cheat a couple more times, giving several seconds in between each try
      • If all else fails, make a 10+ lb set on the train-brake; wait for the train to stabilize, then release the
        brakes; once the brakepipe recharges enough, the brakes should release
  • DS & DTMF Tones are again audible when outside your locomotive (as if you have a walkie-talkie radio). Their
    in-cab audio positions have also been corrected to properly emanate from the radio's location
  • Roseville Sub: Added dispatcher radio frequencies to the DS Screen
  • AEI Reports now show the Hazmat Placard Index for cars (requested by server owners)
  • Dash-9 Throttle Lever and Alerter-Reset Button audio has been fixed (was playing too quietly and in the
    wrong location)
  • GE MFD Screens again have the Traction Motor page showing the state of the TM and its temperature
  • New Host Admin Features:
    • Each client's UserID (UID) now dumps in the log along with his IP Address and User Name
    • There is a new XML in the Content folder called HostSecurity.xml. This XML allows the host to:
      • Set a Unique Login for a user
      • Ban a user using his UID
        • If a host Kicks a user from a session, an automatic entry is made in the Banned_Users section of the XML,
          preventing that user from rejoining until his entry is removed
        • Setting a Unique User Password (requires knowledge of XML)
      • If you wish to have unique passwords for each user, you can do so in the <Unique_Logins> section of
        the XML. The user will use this password in his F2 Network menu
      • Create a new <UniqueLogin> entry
      • Set the <Password> tag with the desired password
      • <UID> can also be set here; if unknown, leave it empty and the host will fill it in on the next
        attempted join-up
  • Normal Mapping (aka bump-mapping) has been added to the sim's rendering system for rolling stock
    • We will add normal-maps to other rolling-stock as time allows
    • If you wish to disable normal-mapping (for somewhat better performance), you can do so with the option
      in the Graphics Menu. You will need to restart the sim for this change to take effect.
  • Graphics Menu Note:
    • The options in the top half of this menu have been arranged alphabetically for OCD purposes
    • The bottom half is arranged according to the effect of the option on overall performance, ie, Shadows are
      first since they have the biggest impact on frame-rates.
  • Tunnel Overheating effect has been reduced for the GEVOs, and added for all the other locos that were
    missing it. Older units will have a higher chance of overheating in long uphill tunnels (with the EMD Tunnel
    Motors being a bit cooler)
  • Maximum Tile Draw Distance has been increased to 5 from 4. The sim still defaults to 4, but you can increase
    it in the Graphics Menu under the Performance sub-menu
    • Please keep in mind that Run8's routes were built with a tile-distance of 4 in mind, so if you set to 5 and
      look off to the sides of a mountainous route, you may notice "missing" tiles. Looking forward or backward
      should not be a problem though
    • When changing the Tile-Draw range, the sim now resets the terrain upon closing the menu
  • Fixed a server problem when running minimized that affected train-updating logic flow, which may have been
    the cause of:
    • Flashing trains
    • Disappearing cuts of cars after uncoupling
    • Defective dark-signals
  • Train Tagger Menu:
    • We were asked to reinstate Select-All functionality for this menu; you can now use Ctrl-A to select all
      items in the train list. If you just opened the menu, you may first need to click on one of the listed units
    • A multi-selection glitch was fixed when multiple items were selected but a non-selected text box was
      subsequently clicked
  • Cab-Camera Issues:
    • Mitigated an issue where at a stop, sometimes a locomotive would jerk slightly back and forth as it
      chased a zero-value, mostly noticeable if SeaSick Multiplier was set at higher levels
    • Adjusted camera code some more regarding the infamous cab-jerking
  • Fixed a minor El Programmerdero F-Up with MU'd dynamic brakes not setting correctly
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