Introductions anyone?

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Re: Introductions anyone?

Post by David »

Paulinski wrote: Wed Dec 15, 2021 1:23 am Hi Everyone

I'm Paul from southern Ontario in Canada. I recently got Run8 and all SoCal routes and most of rolling stock packs.

Never played multiplayer however I'm itching to do so, I downloaded the extraboard spawn, when I open it in the sim there is nothing loaded (blank screen) so I'm not sure if I'm doing something wrong.

Installed team speak as well.

Another thing is when I click on the sticky thread it does not load "page cannot be displayed error"


Welcome aboard Paul!

The "Server Man" extra board spawn will not have any trains in it, as it is essentially just a way to spawn into the world. It is set up to spawn in an unpopulated part of the world to cut down on lag from the server rendering all the cars on the network when people join initially.

Thanks for bringing that error to our attention regarding the sticky link. That should be fixed now.

Please let us know if you have any more questions!
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Re: Introductions anyone?

Post by StyluzP »

Hey guys,

my Name is Phil im from Germany, 26 Years old. At the moment im doing Training for the Fire Department. I hope that the Time Difference is no Problem. We´ll see. Hope to see you soon on the Server.
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Re: Introductions anyone?

Post by Graubart »

Hi all,

another German here, but I actually live in Norway. I am Geologist and GIS (Geographical Information Systems) expert, working for the norwegian high-voltage power grid agency. Before this I was doing ocean seafloor investigations on industry and science vessels for 20 years.

I started simming (Flight Simulation) in the early 1990's, MSFS 5 was my first one. In that time I was co-founder of a virtual airline, the CAVA (Colour Air Virtual Airline). This VA was driven by four germans, but our hub was Oslo/Norway and we flew all across Scandinavia. Interesting enough three of the four of us actually moved to Norway later on, and we are still in daily contact, simming together. X-Plane is my favourite flightsim since many years

Nowadays I focus mostly on ship simulation (VS:NG), truck simulation (ATS/ETS2) and train simulation. Train simming for me started with Trainz 2004. Later on I used Train Simulator and TSW. Today's favourites are ZUSI (a Germany-focussed training sim), SimRail (A simulator focused on Poland, also offering multiplayer) and Run-8.

Run 8 I started only now, instead of investing into TSW4. I am already fascinated of the concept of running large freight networks with industry demand simulated and dispatching included, in a multiplayer environment. As of now I only own the base content, but will slowly add more routes (Cajon is next) and rolling stock packages.

When not working or simming I volunteer at the Norwegian Red Cross Mountain Rescue Squad, searching lost persons. And I find pleasure in hiking, skiing, fishing, generally exploring the beautiful norwegian nature.

Oh dear, this has become way too long already. So I stop here ;-)

Hope to see you soon on your servers.
(At Teamspeak: "Gråskjegg", which is norwegian for "Graubart", which is german for "Graybeard")
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