CSX Southeast Outlying Yard Feeder Trains

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CSX Southeast Outlying Yard Feeder Trains

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Hey everyone,

I'm trying to understand how the smaller outlying yards in the CSX Southeast Server get their traffic for their respective locals out of the yards. I see there are dedicated manifests that feed Moncrief and Taft Yards, but do not see anything for Pecan, Sanford, Kaley, Fitzgerald, Oglethorpe, or Manchester Yards. Do road manifests drop traffic at these yards, or are there local "A" numbered trains that feed these yards. I've looked at the CSX Symbol Database on the Downloads Tab of the main site, but can't find this info and I want to make sure traffic moves in the server as intended.

Also, are there eventually plans to add Baldwin Yard to the Yards tab of the Userforce Hub?

Thank you for your replies,

Alex R
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