V3 Update 10 Aug.16.2023

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V3 Update 10 Aug.16.2023

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Update10 - Use in-sim update method
  • Fixed an error that could happen when adding an EOT to a train, causing it to remove itself a few seconds later. This could happen if another loco in the train had a built-in EOT set on the network. Now, any preexisting EOT in the train (built-in or otherwise) is automatically removed
  • There is a new sub-menu called "About" in the Overhead Options menu
    • It shows the current version number of the sim
    • It also allows you to open and read the V3 Change Log PDF (assuming your Windows has a default program for opening PDF files)
  • GCOR Signals: If your current signal is a diverging aspect with the next signal being a Restricting, your current signal will now show Diverging Approach instead of Approach Restricting
  • San Bernardino Sub
    • Added missing 2nd signal head on Main 2 EB to CP Arlington
    • Fixed dark intermediate signals east of CP Montclair (Alhambra Sub)
    • Fixed track-speeds over switches at CP Soto, CP Garfield, and CP East Industry
    • At Los Nietos, the WB single-head signal now displays according to the next signal at DT Jct; the EB singlehead signal only clears to a Restricting
    • Added missing numberboards on intermediate signals between CP Esperanza and CP Prado
  • Roseville Sub
  • Fixed a couple signal misconfigurations at East Sparks on the yard-track signals
  • Added missing Defect Detectors at:
    • 485.3 tracks 1 & 2
    • 214.3 tracks 1 & 2
    • 249.9
  • Industry Configs now have a new car-type Aggregate Hopper, and there is a new Train Class for UnitAggregate in the AI Trains menu. You can use the new H9\Ortner Hoppers from Mixed Freight Pack 4 for these trains & industries
  • Corrected another condition that could cause EOTs to disappear when attempting to attach
  • Industry Config Menu: Fixed unwanted camera (WASD) movement when typing into a text-box
  • Host Password: If a client attempts to join the Host using the wrong password, the Host log now shows the attempted password in the error message
  • DS Screen: Train Data Tags now display below the occupied block if there's not enough room above (the
    upper edge was getting cut off along the top edge of the DS screen)
  • Automatic AI Spawning
    • Automatic Spawning is now delayed a few seconds while Otto is executing a new routing
    • Track and signal checks were added to prevent conflicting trains on the same track
  • Otto:Fixed another condition that could result in mis-routed trains (thanks Jeff Acurso)
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