Server Man Extraboard Use - West Coast Service Update

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Server Man Extraboard Use - West Coast Service Update

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 ! Message from: HB OPS STAFF
Please be careful while working in high corruption areas, such Barstow and West Colton. Please be mindful of any flashing when people join, we have identified these events lead to greater risk of corruption. Please also watch out for telescoping cars.
Staff would like all users to only join in using the attached Extra board spawn point. This will spawn you out in an area where there are no trains or scenery. Once you are loaded into the sim you may proceed to teleport to your preferred destination.
The extra board file goes in the following directory: C:\Run8Studios\Run8 Train Simulator V3\Content\V3Routes\Regions\SouthernCA\Trains Please note this directory is default and may vary from person to person.

Download Server Man Extraboard file
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