V3 Update 13 Mar.25.2024

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V3 Update 13 Mar.25.2024

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Update13 - Use in-sim update method
  • Fixed TMU list not renumbering properly when using the "Delete Selected" button
  • Fixed not being able to board the T104_TILX_Sulfur tank car
  • Switch Target models have been set to draw a bit further away (328' further)
  • There is a new Custom Input Device interface in the Controls Menu – See the PDF for details
  • Fixed ABS Mode so that mainline switches can be thrown from the DS screen or trackside
  • Units with Flashing Ditchlights now only flash if the Reverser is set accordingly
  • There is a minor fix to Otto regarding a situation where he could have two opposing trains on either end of a
    siding, and not be able to allow either one to enter the main\siding track
  • Oh, and then there's the MP15 switcher locomotive. We've included a brief "Operator's Manual" PDF in the
    UserGuide folder which mansplains a few things special to these units
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