V3 Update 01 Mar.08.2022

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V3 Update 01 Mar.08.2022

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From the Run8 V3 Change Log:
  • Issue 2893: Fixed crash involving defect detectors and null railunits
  • Issue 2858: Fixed crash with teleporting to a far-away train that had hazmat placards
  • Issue 2881: If Render-Precipitation is disabled, the rain audio now no longer plays and the windshield effects will fade to nothing
  • Issue 2891: ABS & AI-DS Mode toggling is now logged by the host (user-name, route)
  • Issue 2854: Fixed hard-to-see black text on the IndustryConfig Import tool
  • Issue 2865: Removed inoperative "Cab Chatter" menu option
  • Issue 2864: Fixed crash involving opening the TMU without network permission
  • Issue 2859: Added missing AutoSaveWorld and AutoSaveTrain menu controls
  • Issue 2894: Fixed host auto-restarting after bailing out from menu
  • Issue 2902: Fixed fuel-level glitch when locos relinquish\spawn on network
  • Issue 2900: Dash-9 train-brake lever model adjusted so mousing works better
  • Issue 2954: Missing freebie-reefer files added
  • Issue 2969: (nice) Headlight code adjusted for moBetta Bright\Dim effects
  • Issue 2929: Fixed network de-sync problems with Coupler Menu actions
  • Issue 2868: Fixed Client AI-Humping incorrect config (see below)
  • Issue 2903: Fixed CSX ES44 wrong axles on rear truck
  • Issue 2905: Fixed minor logic-glitch with Otto's routing logic
  • Issue 2910: Backwards-AI problem fixed (when recrewing with AI)
  • Issue 2991: Fixed improper airbrake behavior of un-MU'd trailing locomotives
  • Issue 3047: Fixed stuck Single-Middle MU Headlight switch when uncoupling a loco
  • Issue 3046: Fixed improper wheelslip indication when stopped with full indy-brake
  • Issue 3025: Fixed false-mismatch of neighboring track nodes causing abrupt train-stoppage
  • Host can now disable ABS Mode, preventing clients from enabling it
  • Slow-Speed MPH menu option can now be changed using the mouse scrollwheel
  • Fixed condition causing disappearing tunnel liners at certain angles
  • Fixed late emergency-brake audio from freight cars that were initally too far away to hear
  • Overhead Options Menu is now triggered only if the mouse is in the top-left part of the screen
  • Several signal\block\switch fixes to the following routes:
    • San Bernardino Sub
    • Seligman Sub
    • CSX Mohawk
    • CSX Selkirk
  • BNSF Bakersfield Sub also had some scenery and database fixes
  • Locomotive Failure chance has been reduced (it was reported to be happening too frequently)
  • Fixed the floating window latch on the BNSF ES44 and a missing headlight box on the SP
  • Loco Refueling and Repairing
    • Locomotives can now be refueled and repaired anywhere anytime
    • The Host Option for Loco Servicing Anywhere has been removed
    • Locomotives can be repaired by going to the Stats display and double-clicking the defect
  • TMU - Insert Car at Highlight
    • You can now insert units into the list by mouse-selecting the desired position
    • Units will be placed ahead of the selected position
    • Double-click the selected position to deselect and return to adding units at the end of the list
  • Client AI-Humping
    • The problem before was the client may have selected one of the configs, but the host's was still set for another, so when the client proceeded to AI-Hump, the host simply used whatever config it had. Whereas manual humping still happens on the client's machine, AI Humping happens host-side in V3
    • Therefor, the following changes have been made to the Hump Controller config scheme:
      • When a client opens a Hump Controller, it automatically pulls-down the current hump-config from the Host (the old "Pull Configuration" button has been removed)
      • The client can then select or modify the config as usual
      • When the client Enables the hump, the config is automatically pushed to the Host; the currently selected config is also now part of that data. You can also still manually push to the host
      • The host now matches what the client-humper intended, and if the client-humper begins AI Humping, the host will AI-Hump accordingly
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