V3 Update 03 May.23.2022

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V3 Update 03 May.23.2022

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  • Issue 3165: (SBD Sub) Added missing 2nd head to signal 132 (EB approach to Riverside)
  • Issue 3167: (SBD Sub) Fixed naughty track speed at Santa Fe Springs
  • Issue 3179: Access track added at West Colton Yard between Engine Servicing and Departure Yard
  • Issue 3181: Stray track-section removed from West Colton Departure Yard
  • Issue 3185: Fixed uncommanded MU connection during uncoupling
  • Issue 3186: Fixed GE locos out-loading their diesel RPM
  • Independent Braking Control has been adjusted to allow for a bit more finer control at the lower end of the
    control range. Indy-braking strength values have also been adjusted down slightly
  • EMD Air Gauge Needles have been adjusted to properly indicate between 0psi and 10psi
  • EMD Speedometer Needles have been adjusted to properly indicate between 0mph and 5mph
  • Coupler Draft-gear Physics have been adjusted to get rid of some instability & oscillation. The sim is also now
    able to run the physics at a much lower iteration-rate, which is a CPU performance win
  • Alerter is now automatically reset whenever outside your locomotive's cab
  • Mouse Camera View Glitching
    • Some users were experiencing a very jumpy camera when using those newfangled fancy-ass mice with
      ridiculously high polling rates. For whatever reason, these don't play nicely with our original mouse input
      code, so Run8 now grabs its mouse data directly from Windows and this problem is solved
  • DPU Brake Valves and Lost-Comms (Realistic DPU Mode)
    • After losing comms with the head-end, DPU lead locomotives monitor their airflow into the brakepipe,
      and if a sudden airflow increase is detected, its brake valve will cut-out. This prevents the DPU from
      fighting against the head-end during a brake-application, minimizing the risk of an unintended release or
      incomplete application
    • Once a DPU has cut out its brake valve, it will remain cut-out until all of these conditions are met:
      • Comms have been restored
      • A brake-release command has been received
      • Brake-pipe pressure has increased more than 3psi within 3 minutes of the release command
  • New Feature: MoBetta Anti-Aliasing:
    • When using anti-aliasing, you can now choose between three modes:
    • FXAA (Run8's original method)
    • SMAA-1x
    • Off
      • The new SMAA method doesn't blur the image as much as FXAA
  • For Raildriver Users: If you have the LED Display turned on and set to a mode other than Throttle, we now
    display the throttle-notch for a couple seconds any time it changes, after which the display will revert to its
    prior mode. Throttle Notch also now displays an "n" ahead of the value, ie, "n4"
  • Locomotive Renumbering Fix:
    • Previously, if a particular loco-type was not found in the UnitNumberDatabase.xml, the sim would return
      an error saying "Unit Not In Database" and not allow the number to be changed. This has been fixed to
      allow the unit to temporarily renumber
    • See the "UnitNumberDatabase Guide" and "Renumbering Locomotives" PDFs in the UserGuide folder
      for instructions on how to set up a locomotive type in the database
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