V3 Update 05 Nov.03.2022

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V3 Update 05 Nov.03.2022

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Update05 - Download from Run 8 Studios
  • Issue 2888: Fixed Client-humped cars not rolling properly on the Host
  • Issue 3019: Fixed yet another GyraLite issue with naughty rear-end flashers
  • Issue 3309: Re-centered numbers on all three Amtrak P42s
  • Issue 3310: Re-centered numbers on FEC SD40-2
  • Issue 3311: Fixed mislocated front GyraLites on SP SD40-2 and SD40T-2
  • Issue 3342: Fixed a condition where air-dump audio wasn't playing correctly after uncoupling
  • Added two new Hazmat Placards: Combustible 1202 and 1993
  • Rail-Vehicle Shadow Mitigation Distance slider control has been added to the Shadows menu. Under heavy
    rendering situations where there are hundreds of railcars in the scene, we reduce the draw-distance on railcar
    shadows to help rendering performance. As railcar-count increases, the mitigation distance decreases. This
    slider controls the minimum mitigation distance:
    • Keep all the way to the left for the original V3 value (best performance)
    • Increase to the right to increase the shadow-draw distance under mitigation (best eye-candy)
    • The slider range is 100 meters (all the way left) to 500 meters (all the way right)
  • Windows Event Log (Advanced Windows Users)
    • Run8 V3 now attempts to send Startup and Exit events to the Windows Event Log to which one can
      subscribe and cause other system tasks to be done via the Windows Event Viewer
    • In the Windows Event Viewer, you should see an event log called Run8V3Events within the "Applications
      and Services Logs" folder
    • Run8 likely needs to be ran "As Administrator" for this to work. If unsuccessful, the sim will just carry on
      as usual and nothing will happen except you'll see a note in the Run8.log file
    • If the Run8V3Events log does not yet exist, the sim will attempt to create it. The sim will then need to be
      restarted in order to be able to access the new log
  • Locomotive Failures
    • You can now toggle specific Locomotive Failures in the locomotive's Stats menu. Before, you could only
      double-click to Repair a failure, but now you can Set or Repair it
  • In the Train menu, there is now a slider control for Locomotive Failure Chance
    • Move the slider to the right to increase your chances for random failures
    • Move the slider all the way to the left for no failures; Note: this will not fix existing failures
    • The slider is disabled for Clients during multiplayer; failures are set by the Host
  • Brake-Bleed Cheat
    • The Ctrl-F7 brake-bleed cheat for the entire train has been changed to also open all anglecocks (cars only)
      so that all the air will be bled from their brakepipes. Since this cheat is usually used before humping, it
      makes sense to have all anglecocks be open since a car should never be humped with bottled-air
    • There is no change when individually bleeding cars; anglecocks remain in their current state
  • Cajon Sub
    • Fixed a couple of the West Colton bowl tracks so cars will roll a bit further (unrelated to Issue 2888)
    • Corrected speed limit on Main 1 between CP 7th St and CP Rana (was 20mph, now 30mph)
  • BarstowYermo
    • Added missing signal heads departing Yermo westbound (signals used to go dark if diverging)
  • System Message Color can now be changed in the Message Options menu. These used to always be purple
  • New Feature: Unit Notes (locomotives on user's train only)
    • The Locomotive Options window now has a button in the upper-left corner called "Notes". This brings up
      a small window that allows the user to write any sort of note regarding that unit
    • If a locomotive has a note attached to it, the Notes button will show Yellow
    • Notes are saved automatically when closing the window
    • If you are a client on a network, your notes will come from the Host and save to the Host; there may be a
      short delay when clicking on the unit before the Notes button becomes available
    • Deleting a note's text effectively removes the note from the locomotive
    • Unit Notes are saved in the UnitNotes.xml file found in the V3RailVehicles folder
  • New Feature: Full-Track Hump Protection
    • Hump Controllers now keep track of how full a hump track is, and will automatically disable the hump if
      another car is scanned for that track after a full\overflow condition is detected. A message is then
      displayed for everyone to see
    • Please Note: this will not necessarily prevent a track from overflowing, but will cancel humping once a
      full-track condition is detected. The responsible humper should always keep his head in the game and
      pay attention to what he's doing
    • Resetting the hump or cycling the hump On\Off Switch resets the track status. If you have a track that is
      already full and you re-enable the hump, you may end up overfilling that track, but the hump should then
      shut off once that car stops and the condition is re-detected
    • Basically, it boils down to this: if you hump sensibly, most problems should be avoided and the system
      should work properly. Not only is this great advice for Run8, but for life in general
  • New Feature: Changeable Hump Yard Sluff Track
    • You can now change the Sluff Track (this is the default track used when no matching hump-tag is found
      for a car)
    • In the desired Hump Configuration, pick a track and set a "sluff" tag
    • Sluff, sluff, SLUFF are all legitimate tag variations which the controller will recognize
    • If the hump controller can't find a sluff tag, it will simply default to the first track
  • AI Humpers now automatically relinquish once they've finished
  • Horny Lightning: El Programmerdero has removed a test-function from the sim that caused thunderstorms to
    fire off a lightning-bolt each time the Horn button was pushed... oops
  • AI Relinquish When Stopped: Fixed a logic-trap that occasionally caused AI's not to relinquish properly when
    using this option
  • New Feature: Adjustable Tag Text Size
    • In the Sim-Options Menu, you can now change the size of the various text-tags (Car, Industry, Track, etc)
      using the Tag Text Size slider control
  • Keyboard Menu Changes
    • When attempting to change a keyboard function, the sim now checks for any conflicting function already
      using the same key-combination; if a conflict is found, an error message is shown and the attempt fails
    • The menu has also been fixed to allow the Arrow Keys to be assigned
  • Locomotive Window & Door Operation
    • As before, you'll still open\close doors and windows with the mouse, but with the following changes:
      • You can use either RightShift or LeftShift when closing a window or door
      • To help prevent unintended opening, the door or window will not open if any keys are pressed
  • Industry Config Menu
    • The textbox for Destination Tags now has no limit on length (was previously 150 characters), and also
      now wraps to multiple lines for those who have a long list of tags
  • AI-Generated Mixed Freight Train Blocking
    • Blocking of trains has been adjusted to be a bit more realistic. Our previous method was basically an
      ideal-world situation which usually never happens
    • Trains are still sorted by Local Symbol and Destination Tag, but are not sorted by load\mty. If the train is
      long enough, we then allow some random sloppiness in the sorted list to simulate lazy yard crews or
      assinine management
    • The sim now attempts a buffer-car to prevent tankers from being directly behind the head-end
      locomotives. While not completely correct, it's at least less wrong
  • Mysterious Vanishing Trains
    • We think we have found and fixed the cause of occasional vanishing trains that were there one moment
      but gone the next, causing bewilderment, vexation, and more than a few colorful words
  • Clouds: Fixed an issue causing a memory leak and performance degradation during WX-Reloads
  • Otto: Fixed an issue that prevented Otto from clearing the final signal to a requested destination-block
  • Pausing: You can now pause\unpause the simulator in the F3 DS Screen (single-player only)
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