V3 Update 06 Feb.17.2023

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V3 Update 06 Feb.17.2023

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Update 06 - Download from Run 8 Studios
  • Issue 3349: Client now sees Version ID used by Host when there's a version mismatch
  • Issue 3352: Fixed problem with traction-motor state not matching in the Unit Stats window
  • Issue 3407: Fixed CP-278 Track 2 to allow trains to route into Dewitt (@Dewitt_Only tag)
  • Issue 3408: Fixed trains running red signal at Griffith (Seligman Sub)
  • Issue 3414: Fixed missing routing at Eastern Ave (SBD Sub) from M1->Setout via far xover
  • Issue 3430: Fixed the Bubba Sin() & Cos() quantization error in curves
  • Issue 3469: Adjusted signal tags at E Corcoran to prevent an Otto problem (BK Sub)
  • Issue 3493: Fixed uncoupling glitch that errantly caused the air to dump when loco is mid-train with EOT
  • Issue 3515: Fixed indication error with Accelerometer (Dash-9, ES44, SD70ACe) when reversing
  • Issue 3516: Fixed User Destination Block indication problems (see notes below)
  • Issue 3542: Fixed incorrect WB signal at Hobart Yard (SBD Sub)
  • Traction-Motors 5 & 6 can now be set in the Unit Stats window for six-axle units
  • Fixed an Otto error with determining the priority of CSX trains
  • Fixed a minor problem with locomotive Indy-Brakes where the psi value oscillated around the desired pressure, causing the Main Reservoir to drain excessively; also fixed a related locomotive brakepipe problem
    regarding the Main Reservoir feeding the Brakepipe, which also caused the Main Reservoir to piss away
  • Phixt the Edwin Koppers spelling mistake on the AI Configuration Copy window
  • A Black\Yellow sign has been added to the MOW Object (F6) menu for marking miscellaneous things
  • User Destination Block Fixes
    • While it's always only been possible to have one destination block assigned, due to an indication error, it
      was possible to see multiple blocks with the green outline. This has been fixed and you'll now only see an
      outline for the intended block
    • After you have selected a Destination Block and have been routed by Otto, the green outline will
      disappear automatically
  • SD70ACe traction-motor heating code adjusted (now harder to overheat as opposed to DC motors)
  • Fixed a threading error when loading the Dispatch Screens
  • Fixed a log-spamming condition regarding erroneous Industry Tracks
  • The Car Options Menu now shows the selected car's length in Feet (ft)
  • P42 Blended Braking:
    • Fixed blended-braking being stuck On after Train Brake was released and BC returned to zero
    • Fixed blended-braking being stuck Off once the Dynamic Brakes were used normally (this was only a
      problem when using a RailDriver due to El Programmerdero forgetting to reset a bool; in keyboard mode
      it was reset whenever Throttle-Increase was pressed)
  • Passenger (PSGR Mode) Air Brakes
    • Fixed some oscillating air flow problems that were causing excessive draining of the Main Reservoir as
      well as the cars' Aux Reservoirs
    • Fixed an error when passenger cars were connected to a locomotive in FRT (single-pipe) mode: as in real
      life, the car's brake system now operates like a single-pipe freight car, with the EMG and AUX reservoirs
      being charged from the main brakepipe, and there's no graduated-release
    • Car braking force was increased a bit to better match real-world performance data provided by a real
      Amtrak engineer
  • Dynamic Brake Interlock
    • When the dynamic brakes are engaged, the DBI causes the locomotive's brakes to bail-off automatically.
      This affects locomotives in both FRT and PSGR brake modes. The sim has been adjusted to handle this
      feature more prototypically
  • The Metrolink trackage between Vincent and Lancaster got some love
    • added missing 2nd signal head on the northbound approach signal to Palmdale Jct
    • reworked a few curves
    • track speeds were adjusted to be more prototypical (check your Shift-N display)
  • Car Loading has been adjusted to better reflect the real-world
    • When you select a railcar, instead of "Full", the button now says "Load"
    • When cars are loaded, the load weight is randomized based on car type
    • Boxcars, Pigs and Wellcars have the most randomization since they carry a wide range of goods that vary
      greatly in weight. Covered hoppers have a smaller range of randomization since these are usually
      commodities that will be loaded as much as possible to the car's capacity
  • Los Nietos Yard has been added to the SBD Sub (between DT Jct and Los Nietos on the UP)
  • Fixed an Otto problem when requesting a specific destination block
  • EOT Stuff
    • Corrected a condition that would allow an errant EOT to remain attached to the train, causing
      disappearing EOTs when attempting to attach
    • EOTs now display their 5-digit ID code when Car Tags are enabled
    • The Coupler Options menu also shows the EOT ID (if attached)
    • You can verify your EOT by comparing the ID tag to the locomotive's EOT readout
    • TrainLink II Note:At some point, we'll make the actual thumbwheel readout work, but for now, the EOT
      ID will show after the "COM OK"message about once per minute; you can also press the "COM Test" button on the right side of the radio to see the ID number
  • New MOW Object: There is now a new Blue Flag With Light option in the F6 MOW Menu
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