V3 Update 11 Oct.27.2023

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V3 Update 11 Oct.27.2023

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Update11 - Use in-sim update method
  • BarstowYermo
    • Added missing 2nd signal head at CP Yermo westbound (this was causing the old signal to sometimes go dark depending on the aspect of the next signal at Daggett)
  • Roseville Sub
    • Fixed detector 214.3 (the track numbers were reversed)
    • Fixed detector 185.3 (both tracks were calling out 485.3)
    • Fixed naughty switch-stand at industry in Sparks next to Freeport Blvd (was buried inside a building)
  • Pittsburgh East Sub
    • Fixed dark aspect on Main-9 eastbound signal (Main-9 to Siding)
    • DS Screen has been re-worked with more info (thanks Frank!)
    • Fixed errant switch-stand at Altoona Pipe & Steel
  • Cajon Sub:
    • (Otto Head-On Issue) Added signal tags at CP Slover NB to prevent Otto from stopping trains there
    • The WB Signals at CP Rancho have been changed to use the "@Palmdale_Only" routing tag so that Otto will not send any non-Palmdale trains up to Slover and beyond
    • If using the Reverse-Loop to depart West Colton Departure Yard, Otto now has a length-limit (2700ft) to prevent trains stopping on the loop and blocking the entire control point
  • Mojave Sub:
    • At CP Lopez EB, the signal has been tagged to prevent Otto from stopping an eastbound train greater than 6000ft on Main 1 at Jastro; this prevents Otto from fouling Lopez and causing a charlie-foxtrot
  • Alhambra Sub (SBD)
    • (Otto Head-On Issue) Added signal tags on the siding-entry signals between Industry and Montclair to
      prevent Otto from stopping trains at those signals
  • HRS Southeast Region
    • Various scenery fixes\enhancements along the A-Line, Waycross, and Fitz
    • A-Line signals approaching Callahan tweaked to show proper aspect when diverging to Baldwin Sub
  • You Asked, We Delivered:
    • Dispatcher Symbol Mode (in the F1 DS Options) now saves its setting
    • Relinquish Train Keyboard Shortcut: [Left-Alt R], can be reassigned as desired
    • New Hazmat Placards
      • 1017 Poison (Chlorine)
      • 1791 Corrosive (Sodium Hypochlorite, aka Bleach)
      • 2789 Corrosive (Acetic Acid)
      • 2014 Oxidizer (Hydrogen Peroxide)
      • 2187 Carbon Dioxide
      • 3077 Misc Hazmat
      • 3257 Hot Liquid N.O.S.
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