V3 Update 15 May.14.2024

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V3 Update 15 May.14.2024

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Update15 - Use in sim update method
  • Fixed MP15 Gyralites and Mars Lights coming on incorrectly under certain MU conditions
  • Fixed MP15 gladhands sitting too low relative to other equipment
  • Keyboard Controls have been added for SlowSpeed_Increase and SlowSpeed_Decrease
    • They are unassigned by default
    • They function the same as mouse-holding the MP15 Hump Speed adjustment lever
    • Please Note: you must be in-cab in order to use these
  • A Keyboard Control has been added for cycling thru the various positions of the Service Selector Switch
    • It is unassigned by default
    • The MP15 is the only locomotive that has this control at this time; the switch position is irrelevent for any other locomotive
  • Fixed the Train Tagger to allow special characters in the car tag (since they have been allowed for the Destination Tag in the Car Options Menu)
  • Fixed some naughty Amtrak gladhand mismatches
  • Fixed an issue using a Custom Input Device where if enabled and the sim was restarted, you'd have to manually reset\restart the device from the menu; it should set itself up properly now on restart
  • Selkirk Terminal
    • Fixed a missing signal link Main 1 approaching CP-SM (near the big bridge)
  • Mohawk Sub
    • Fixed floating pole near the yard office at Dewitt
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