V3 Update 07 Apr.10.2023

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V3 Update 07 Apr.10.2023

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Update 07 - Download from Run 8 Studios
  • Dynamic Brake Interlock Solenoid
    • Well, crap... El Programmerdero messed up and programmed the locomotive Dynamic Brake Interlock
      system incorrectly. He has since hung his head in shame and fixed the error
    • The DBI (for units that have one) now properly prevents Train-Brake air from pressurizing BC when in DB
      mode; when NOT in DB mode, the train-brake air is again able to set BC
    • To make things interesting for locomotives that have a DBI Solenoid, there is a small random chance it will
      be non-functional when the locomotive is loaded into the world
    • Common practice is to ALWAYS bail-off your train brakes when setting train air. You could end up with a
      consist where one or more locos do not have a functioning DBI and if not bailed-off, their train-air will set
    • Note: The DBI does NOT prevent the Independent Brakes from being set
  • ES44, Dash9, P42 Alternator Loading Delay
    • When increasing the throttle-notch, there's a short delay before the alternator starts loading. While this
      is correct, the problem was the delay would re-occur if you subsequently increased the throttle notch
      again whilst the system was still building amps. This has been fixed
  • Host Kick\Ban User
    • The Host can now either Kick or Ban a user; Kicking no longer automatically adds the user to the Banned
      list, it will simply disconnect him from the session after which time he can rejoin
    • The Ban button has been added next to the Kick button
  • Fixed a condition that caused Log Spam (regarding EOT removal from the world)
  • Adjusted the SD70ACe traction motor heating values down some more as they were still running too hot
  • New Feature: The RailRover Trackmobile
    • We now have a small generic trackmobile, found in the "Other" section of the TMU
    • It can couple to cars front or back
    • It CANNOT be MU'd
    • It operates just like the Hyrailer truck, with "+" and "-" being the Gas and Brake pedals
    • When stopped, if the brake pedal is pressed, the Handbrake will automatically apply
    • The handbrake automatically releases when the gas pedal is pressed
    • It has basic train-airbrake capability, but does not have airbrakes itself
    • There are switches for front\rear headlights, dome light, and the rotating beacon
    • There is also an ignition-switch so you can start and stop the engine
    • Remember, it's a small trackmobile, NOT a yard switcher... it can only move a couple cars at a time
  • Industry Config On Network
    • The message from Host to Client is now ReliableOrdered, which seems to have fixed the problem of
      clients randomly not receiving this message during joinup
    • Indy Config data is now compressed making the network message much smaller
    • A check is also made to make sure the recevied config matches the Host's
  • Train Network Messages
    • Train-Spawn and Train-State messages are now compressed before being sent
  • Bakersfield Sub
    • Fixed a signal tag at Shafter to prevent an Otto charlie-foxtrot condition
    • Fixed some mistakenly super-elevated curves at Guernsey on the industy tracks
  • Industry List Menu (LeftCtrl-L)
    • On the Industry Cars tab, local-symbols that have cars ready now list in Green for easy viewing
  • AI Trains now attempt to stop a few hundred feet short of a stop-signal when conditions permit
  • Fixed a rare crash condition when joining a server from a populated world
  • Otto can now recognize most UP train symbol formats
    • Destination and Origin codes can have numbers (ie MG3AH)
    • "G" trains with 5 characters (ie GWCRV) parse as before
    • For 6-character Symbols:
      • GB, GD, GE, GL, GS, and UE trains are two-letter prefixes (ie GSPXAS)
      • Anything else is a 1-letter prefix with a 1-character suffix (ie CATNW9, AMLEPR)
  • Fixed an errant condition that would cause AI Spawning to suspend due to the Overhead Options menu being
    falsely triggered visible (was mainly a problem for Servers running in small-window mode)
    • Also, AI Spawning now only suspends if the AI Trains Menu is open; if closed, spawning resumes
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